Tree planting: the only profession besides porn where your boss will say “that’s a good cream shot” and you spend your day bent over; were you work as hard as an athlete but drink your body weight regularly; where you swear more than a trucker; where you have wet boots and heat exhaustion at the same time; where you will laugh and cry hysterically in one day; where on days off you loiter more than a homeless man; where you know someone’s life story before their name; where you meet and spend 2 months with the same 5 amazing people that will challenge you, lift you up, cry and laugh with you, and show you what’s important in life.

just playing around at home. sunday fun day with my one and only <3 

I went on a week long power yoga retreat with my teachers, Sara and Dina. I had a few big breakthroughs in my practice, this little demo of crow to handstand being the most exciting!! I never ever thought this would be possible for me. Once again, I was telling myself “I can’t do that” before even trying. So truly, ANYTHING is possible!